Emptied out your school desk for the holidays? Working overtime to meet that year end target? Take a load off your back and stretch it out! Here we share 2 free ways to decompress your spine for a quick rejuvenating boost before your next heavy task!

Dead Hang

Just hang in there. Decompression by extending the spine. Loosens the upper body. Gainz in grip strength.

  • Use a bar within easy reach
  • Grip just over shoulder-width apart
  • Relax the body and keep still

Lie Down & Stretch

Sometimes the simple things work best, and that may be the truth here.


  • Extend arms above head
  • Stretch in both directions
  • Use cushion to support the lower back if necessary

The spine is often overlooked until it causes pain, in which it may be too little too late. These 2 free ways to relieve compression are just some of the little things we can do for our spine. Truly, the spine keeps us up and about daily and allows us to do some pretty amazing feats. As such, we should show it some love. After all, your spine deserves better. Get in touch with us to learn some of the more entertaining ways we care for our spine.