5 Exercise You Can Do In The Playground

5 Exercises you can do in the playground

Exercising outdoors has many intangible benefits over working out indoors. Being in nature will lower stress levels. You will also feel better and elevate your self-esteem. As there is not much to monitor the passage of time (unless you are permanently glued to your device as you workout), it is also likely you will work out longer and harder than in an actual gym or at home.

Here are 5 exercises you can do in the playground, which can be made harder or easier with playground fixtures.


Use low bar fixtures or swings to get in that upper body burn. Keep the back straight and core braced throughout. The closer your body is to standing upright, the easier the exercise becomes.

Tuck jumps

Capitalise on the spongy surface of playgrounds to minimise shock impact on knees and hips. This great cardio workout also trains explosive power in your legs, building up speed over time. Bring your knees up and keep the back straight much as possible instead of bowing your upper body to meet your knees.

Split squats

Done on benches, split squats are a vital lower body workout that build muscle and mobility. Try using a swing to challenge your sense of balance as well.

Pull up/Hang/Swing on everything

Hanging on monkey bars and specific pull up bars are great to elongate the spine and work the upper body and shoulders. Throw in some leg raise and ab crunches while you hang to mix it up and get more out of hang time. Change up your grip to change the arm muscle groups that you’re working on as well.

Push Ups

Make use of the swing set to add variation and difficulty. Try pike push ups, or adding knee tucks to each rep, with your feet on the swing set. Pushing on the swing itself (with your feet on the ground) will utilise the stabilisers in the core and make a mundane movement more challenging. Add leg raises between reps here to really work those stabilisers!

Playground workouts offer a lot of variation and fun for everyone. Have a go the next time you are accompanying a family member down to run around. Remember to stay safe and only attempt things within your physical limits!