6 Inspirational People with Scoliosis You Should Have As Role Models

There’s no shortage of celebrities with scoliosis that one can look up to. A quick Google search reveals many lists of celebrities or athletes living with the condition. In this list, we feature the 6 inspirational people with scoliosis that we at Align Brace think you should have as role models. In facing their fears of treatment or overcoming doubters, these folks did not let the condition hold them back in any way!

Customised to highlight the scar from her surgery

Princess Eugenie of York– Had corrective surgery in 2002, when she was 12 years old. For her wedding, the princess wore a dress designed to highlight her scars from the surgery. However, it wasn’t until later in 2018 that she started sharing her journey, uploading X-rays of her spine before surgery on her Instagram. Currently, Princess Eugenie is patron for Horatio’s Garden, an organization that creates gardens for spinal centers associated with the U.K.’s National Health Service. She says to have “fallen in love with their mission”.

Shared on his Instagram, Kim Jong Kook tells how his hard earned muscles prop up his spine.

Jong Kook– You’d never be able to tell from his sculpted muscles and energetic antics while on the show, but the Running Man star suffers from scoliosis. After breaking his leg when he was young, he developed scoliosis due to the uneven length of his legs. He also has a herniated disc and works out often to manage his back pain. Going by how fit he looks, many netizens were unhappy that he chose to fulfil his national service duties by way of public service instead of joining the military. However “Sparta” Kook remains outspoken, hoping that the public will eventually understand his struggles.

Scoliosis did not stop Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma– Acclaimed cellist and multiple Grammy winner. This child prodigy’s career came to a short halt after graduation, during which he underwent spinal surgery. At the time, his S shaped curve was well in the 60 degrees range. It is speculated that his condition was aggravated by long hours in the chair bent over his cello. Yo-Yo made a full recovery from his surgery and returned to music. He remains one of the most prominent musicians today.


Tiffany Young tweeted about her Scoliosis

Tiffany Young– The Girls Generation star very recently shared her story. Tiffany was diagnosed at 16 and away from her family, training to be an idol star at SM Entertainment. Despite SME being unsure whether to retain her, she chose not to let the condition dictate her life and worked harder to overcome it. Recognising that the condition isn’t talked about enough in Asian culture, Tiffany shares how scoliosis made her evolve as person, in hopes of inspiring others to overcome the condition as she has.

Emm Arruda and her 15″ scar “I love it. I want to show that off. To me, that’s a part of you, and it’s beautiful.”

Emm Arruda– Canadian model and Scoliosis advocate. Despite being only 19 years old, she’s walked for everyone from Chanel and Proenza Schouler to Dior and Alexander McQueen. Emm is a fierce proponent for scoliosis awareness as an ambassador for the non-profit organization Setting Scoliosis Straight. Her being vocal encourages others to do the same in sharing their journeys, seeking treatment and embracing their differences. Emm was diagnosed with severe curves at 14, and went through surgery even though she was initially terrified due to the lack of information or accurate data. Something which she aims to change using her status as ambassador and top fashion model.

“Imperfection”, a series of haunting photographs that tell her story

Ayesha Jones– Former model turned photographer. At 13, Ayesha was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. She was told by a doctor that she would “….grow up to be a pretty girl with an ugly back.” That same year, Ayesha was scouted as a model but rejected when they saw her back. Still, persistency led her to a modelling career, eventually landing commercial photo shoots and starring in music videos. She learned how to pose while hiding her curved back. In taking pictures of herself and others to better cope with her condition, Ayesha discovered her passion for photography. This spark would then lead her to switching from being in front of to behind the lens. Subsequently, her condition worsened, leading to surgery at 21 years of age. Follow her journey through self documented photographs titled ‘Imperfection.’

In facing their fears of treatment or overcoming doubters, these folks did not let scoliosis hold them back in any way! We hope you can share these 6 inspirational people with scoliosis and recommend them as role models to your loved ones who are going through a similar journey!