FAQs on Align Brace- Best Spinal Bracing Solutions In Singapore

01.What is Align Brace Treatment?

Align Brace is a patent-pending custom-made corrective spinal brace designed to guide the body and spine into a corrected posture of how the scoliosis is shaped. Made of flexible plastic, it mirrors the spine in a 3D fashion and ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. It is intentionally created to accommodate growth of the wearer, in contrast to the commonly-used cylinder-shaped Boston Brace is rather restrictive in nature.

Align Brace is also fully concealable, ensuring that it is not disruptive to your daily activities or professional duties. The exact duration of the wear-time will be determined by your doctor, so do consult with them on the appropriate treatment plan as well!

02.Who is Align Brace for?
Align Brace can be a great solution for both adults and children looking for a smarter approach to improve their lifestyle. Our innovation advancements makes it possible to help nearly all cases, from simple to complex.
03.When should I wear the Align Brace?

The Align Brace can be worn almost anywhere and any time of the day. Below are some of the examples:

  • Relaxing at home – safe to sit in chair or going about household chores
  • Out in public – easy to wear while walking or standing
  • Before/after a manual treatment
  • Before/after a physical activity or training
04.Do I need an X-Ray to get an Align Brace?

Definitely! We would need a standing spinal X-ray, starting from T1 vertebrae to L5 vertebrae. There should also be a visual indicator of the X-ray – normally shown as R or L on the image.

This is to ensure the design process is as accurate as possible.

05.Why do we need a full body image in addition to my X-Ray?
The full body image will be used to create a body map that will inform our pressure distribution and brace geometry. A smarter approach to bracing.
06.What kind of braces do you provide?
Our bracing solutions includes but are not limited to Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Night time bracing for early intervention, etc. Feel free to check with any of our providers or us on the available options.
07.Are there any follow-ups after getting Align Brace?
Absolutely! After getting your brace, we would recommend scheduling a follow up visit every 8 – 10 weeks to make sure that your spine is progressing towards the right direction. Alternatively, your provider will advise you on the when your next visit is and how frequent.
08.What types of Scoliosis responds well to the Align Brace?

Juvenile, Adolescent Idiopathic, Degenerative aka Adulthood Scoliosis, and biomechanical Scoliosis often responds well.

09.What if I have other braces or other treatments currently?

You can definitely go through other treatments concurrently as well!

For example, some common forms of physiotherapy or chiropractic care include the Schroth Method, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), CLEAR Method, Side Shift Approach and Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS). The scoliotic curve might be too large or progressing too quickly and that’s where Align Brace is prescribed to complement your ongoing treatment care.

There is no issue if there is an overlap and you are trying out Align Brace in conjunction with other braces or treatments. Many people who previously or currently have braces choose Align Brace as the subtle solution to improve their spine and posture. Consult your doctor to determine and evaluate the appropriate treatment approach for your spine.

10.Do I need surgery?
Should your case be too severe, it would be better to co-manage with an orthopedic specialist. However, the Align Brace is suitable across all stages of Scoliosis, regardless of severity. For example, we have seen patients with curves greater than 50° benefit from Align Brace. Several risk factors may influence whether surgery is recommended, and these should be discussed with your surgeon.
11.Is the Align Brace comfortable to wear?
Absolutely! Surveys conducted shows that Align Brace wearers experience an overall improvement in comfort and mobility compared to the traditional brace. Which helps increase the user compliance.
12.What if I need the Align Brace urgently?
Don’t fret! Getting your Align Brace can be as fast as 5 working days, although the usual processing time is 21 days.
We have successfully worked on several expedited projects to know that it is definitely possible. Do let us know if you should require if urgently, and we can provide the express service at a fee.
13.What is the best treatment for scoliosis?
We recognise every person is unique – their individual situation, the severity and location of the curve, their age and potential for further growth. These will all contribute to determining the appropriate treatment for each person specifically.
This is why we cannot guarantee a particular treatment outcome or the best treatment available, but we are committed in creating the Align Brace best suited for you.
14.Why didn’t we find out the scoliosis sooner?
Scoliosis curves can worsen very quickly and noticeably, particularly during the pre-pubertal period. There may not be any explicit symptoms so it is common that many parents would not have taken your child to see your doctor at this time of growth.
Not to worry, it’s not too late! Get in touch with us and we can share with you the steps to take.
15.Can exercise fix my scoliosis?
There are specific rehabilitation programmes which have been designed to manage and correct a scoliosis curve or stop a curve from progressing, and these have shown to be very effective in certain cases. This should, however, be used in conjunction with a brace for a more structured and sustainable change.
16.Is there a warranty, and what does it cover?
Each Align Brace comes with a 180 days manufacturer’s warranty on faulty stitching, straps and buckle or failure not caused by excessive wear.