Night Bracing – What is it?

Bending casts, as an effective form of scoliosis treatment has been around since 1960s. However, its many drawbacks deter users. Technological advancement and updates in brace design allows us to adapt this process for the modern lifestyle. In recent years, the use of bending braces during sleep, show very promising results in arresting the curve at very early stages of scoliosis. While the use of night brace is slow on the uptake here in Singapore, we at Align Brace believe the Night Bend to be an effective early intervention option against wait & see.

How does it work?

The Align Brace – Night Bend puts the user in an over-corrected posture, bending them against their curve. This is further helped by increasing pressure across the convex side of the curve, inhibiting growth. While doing the opposite for the concave side to help accelerate growth. This, hopefully, evens out the spinal imbalance as it grows.

Is it effective?

Numerous studies on bending braces prove that it is equally effective as full time bracing, particularly for single curves lesser than 35 degrees. We design the Align Brace – Night Bend for over-correction in order to arrest the curves at pre-brace numbers throughout growth period and on to skeletal maturity.

What’s good about it?

The user is comfortable in the brace while lying down. This relieves pressure on the spine and the body is not fighting gravity. User compliance is easier to achieve in comparison to full-time bracing. Fewer number of hours spent in brace hopefully result in fewer and less severe complications. The spotlight effect is null as the brace is not worn outside home. Decision making regarding success or failure of the treatment can be made earlier.

Any drawbacks?

The user needs to be lying down while taking radiographic images. Not all diagnostic radiography clinics in Singapore have the equipment to accommodate this. X-rays while the user is standing in the Night Bend will not give an accurate projection on the effectiveness of the brace.

How many hours of wear time?

We suggest 8-10hours. This window is well within the sleep time appropriate for growing adolescents.

A new user in Align Brace – Night Bend. In brace X-Ray shows a correction of more than 50% with change in vertebral landmarks

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