You have probably heard this condition already but the question is, how much do you know about it? Well, this post will help you understand the disease even further.

Scheuermann’s disease means an abnormal growth of vertebrae which results a ‘wedging’ shape. It is commonly found in teens but is believed to be congenital. Those who are suffering from this condition cannot correct their posture on their own. Question now is, what are the known treatment for Scheuermann’s disease?

Scheuermann's Disease Treatment

How to Treat Scheuermann’s Disease?

There are different ways to treat Scheuermann’s disease. It will be dependent on the gravity of the condition.

  • Regular X-ray

For mild cases, your doctor might only require observation wherein you have to get an x-ray after four or six months. This is so they can check if your disease is getting worse rapidly.

  • Spinal Bracing

Now, spinal bracing is more appropriate when your kyphosis is around 55 – 80 degrees. This is recommended most especially for growing people. But remember, your spinal bracing must be provided by a specialist. It needs to be done right and it has to fit perfectly. Simply put, your spinal bracing must be of superb quality. Fortunately, you can find some of the best ones in Singapore. Align Brace is the leader in 3D spinal bracing solutions and there are a lot of distributors in the country.

In addition, specific exercises are also suggested. But keep in mind that exercising doesn’t necessarily mean a treatment for Scheuermann’s. However, it can help in maintaining flexibility and decreasing back pains.

You have to consult your spine specialist if you want to retain an active lifestyle. This is so you can avoid activities that can aggravate the disease. What are the common ones that you can do?

  • Low impact aerobics
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Scheuermann's Disease Treatment
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  • Surgery

As much as possible, surgery is not recommended. If you must know, a number of experts believe that surgeries are not usually effective or successful in treating Scheuermann’s disease or – any other spine condition for that matter.

Lastly, most people who live with Scheuermann’s disease can actually have a normal life. But of course, it is still best to get regular checkups and to follow your spine specialist’s advice.