Scoliosis Bracing Treatment – Know How to Cure Scoliosis Without Surgery

Scoliosis is known as curving of the spine. In Singapore, many are already suffering from it. However, it is important to note that the cause of scoliosis is yet to be known. Generally, it can be seen in kids and will normally correct itself once they age. But, there are cases wherein scoliosis treatment is necessary.

Speaking of scoliosis treatment, a lot of people in Singapore still believe that surgery is the only and best way to cure this condition. That is NOT true and we’ll explain it further.

Scoliosis Treatment – Surgery in Singapore, how dangerous is this?


Again, there are millions who think that surgery is the ultimate scoliosis treatment wherein fact, that’s far for truth. You see, scoliosis is not generally dangerous. Experts believe that scoliosis can only be fatal when a kid is around one to four years old and suffers from severe spinal deformation. After the age of five, only a scoliosis with more than 100 degrees could be life-threatening. Do note however that going to a professional, regardless of the severity, is still needed.

You know where’s the real danger? It’s resorting to surgery to treat scoliosis when not necessary. Like any other surgery, there are risks involved and a patient might suffer from a number of complications. A handful of studies have already proven that surgeries might not be the best solution if you wish to cure scoliosis. The reasons can be found below:

  • Surgery does little to nothing with one’s breathing
  • Surgery does not cure back pain
  • It has neurologic complications
  • It cannot greatly improve the quality of life
  • It negatively affects psychological health

Bear in mind that most people with scoliosis are highly functional even if they don’t get a surgery.

Other reasons why scoliosis treatment without surgery is still highly recommended in Singapore

Here are more reasons why you should avoid curing your scoliosis with a surgery.


  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Implant Failure

So what is the best alternative to cure scoliosis in Singapore?

Fortunately, there are other ways to treat scoliosis even without surgery. Here are the best ones you should look into:

Using state-of-the-art back brace like Align Brace: Fortunately, these braces are already in Singapore and you can get it from several providers. These are lightweight, easy-to-use, and most importantly, effective for scoliosis treatment.

Physical therapy: Always look for professionals in Singapore to provide the best non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

While non-life threatening, scoliosis should be treated as soon as diagnosed. Talk to a spine specialist in Singapore right now so your condition can already be managed.